Hello, I’m Matt Scannella the owner of Robert Ivens Machinery Co. For the past 30 years, Robert Ivens has been conserving and recycling machinery from across the country. Since taking over in 2012, I have been working to keep the original mission alive, buying and selling used woodworking and metalworking machinery. I’ve also expanded the business into a full fabrication shop alongside our expansive machinery warehouse.

I got into this business because I love the history of the machines. After working in a machine shop as a teenager, I learned to appreciate the machines I worked with and around. These machines built America. I take great pride in making them go a little further. We have saved hundreds of machines, millions of tons of iron, and found them new owners. I currently have over 10 years of fabrication experience. Originally, most of the fabrication we did in-house was to test the machines we brought in, but it has become something that I really enjoy. Please check out our what we do’ page to find more about our fabrication and see some of our past/current projects.